Simona Carini

Simona Carini

I'm a writer and photographer.

I am an Italian native living in Northern California. I write memoir and food stories, cook a lot and photograph the world around me.

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Farmers' Favorites

When in doubt, ask the farmer.

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The Many Lives of Strawberries

Sweet and savory and even in frittata

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Peas Time

Where do black-eyed peas go after being at the center of the New Year's table?

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Team Oxen

Draft animal power

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Music of the (Edible) Spheres

Aebleskiver are the new pancakes

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Dip into Muhammara

I like to make world peace happen on my table.

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Sweetening Wintertime

It happens every year. Summer is over and I am despondent...

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A September to Remember

September is Local Food Month, when we officially revel in the foods produced in our county and the people who grow and make them.

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The World on a Plate

Asian pears in an Italian tart

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Got Fruit? Make Cobbler

A light, crisp crust draped loosely over a deep layer of tender, juicy fruit: This, in a few words, is a cobbler.

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Hooray for Carrots

Getting excited about carrots would have seemed excessive.

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Easter Egg Bread

I used to go egg hunting as a child. When visiting friends with chickens, I would go into the henhouse to look for an egg for myself.

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Make It Green

March is a difficult month. No longer winter and not yet spring.

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A Good Start

If we think of January as the morning of the year, then breakfast is a perfect topic to consider now.

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Winter Glow

Asian persimmons are festive: in shades from yellow to red-orange, depending on the variety, they glow in the crystalline light of the final months of the year.